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Strengthening EGS production & supply through systems thinking

The Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EAIR) and Regional Agricultural Research Institutes (RARIs) are key seed sector stakeholders. These institutes have a lead role in variety development, variety maintenance and quality EGS production. To support and strengthen their efforts ISSD provided a training to these organisations staff, highlighting the opportunities that the ISSD approach and adopting a systems perspective could present. Read more

Key actions to improve national seed quality identified

Poor quality seed is a key contributor to reduced productivity and thus food and livelihood insecurity. Smallholder farmers are particularly challenged by seed quality issues. Across the sector technical and capacity challenges persist. ISSD commissioned the Royal Tropical Institute of the Netherlands (KIT) to complete a study on seed quality control across Ethiopia. A total of 32 concrete recommendations have been made.

Download and read those recommendations here

Regional seed core group on the road

The Amhara region seed core group members visited the project sites aimed in monitoring and evaluate of the status and implementation of the innovation projects and overall ISSD program Amhara unit activities.

In line with this, presentations on the progress of project status, discussion on the overall project prestige and feedback on some obscurities were also part of the traveling workshop.

Read more on the travelling workshop

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